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New Kameo skins for download

Design-A-Skin contest winners.

Microsoft has announced that fans of Rare's Xbox 360 launch title Kameo: Elements of Power are set to benefit from 11 new skins.

The new skins, which have been designed by gamers as part of a competition that ran over the past spring, are available to download for free from Xbox Live Marketplace, and will give the game's characters a visual makeover.

The 'Kameo: Elements of Power Design Your Skin' saw gamers from across the globe sending in their ideas for redesigned characters to a panel of judges from Xbox and Rare, who apparently chose the 11 winning skins on the basis of 'creativity and game design'.

Some highlights include a new Griffin-like Ash, and an eggshell-armoured Major Ruin. Look out for the new "Design-A-Skin" pack on Live. A full list of winners can be found on the official site.

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