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DOOM on Live Arcade

Like, right now.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

What's that? Ah, it's the collective sound of millions of Xbox Live Arcade fans going, "That's a bit more like it."

As we've already heard (and as we told you was the aim quite some time ago, if we're being smug - which wouldn't be unusual), Codemasters has already pledged Sensible World of Soccer - based on the '94 Amiga title - to the service, but that's not the only game announced for the service we like to call XBLA.

Because id Software's DOOM is actually out right now. Like, you can download it today, and play the four-episode single-player game, and four-player split-screen co-op and deathmatch.

And that's DOOM and not Doom or doom, in case any night-crawling sub-editors are watching. Which they won't be, because it makes more sense to be reaching for your 360 controller at this point. As we are.

The game weighs in at 22MB and costs 800 Microsoft points, or about GBP 6.80.

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