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Take Driv3r on the road

New GBA version in the works.

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Atari has announced that a Game Boy Advance version of Driv3r is currently in development, and has released some screenshots into the bargain.

Driv3r is being designed by G. Dubail and F. Velez, the team who brought us GBA versions of Stuntman and V-Rally 3. We're promised "a very different gaming experience to the console and PC versions," featuring "complete freedom, huge environments, character and vehicle control and intricate collisions" - all combining to create the most complex GBA title Atari has ever published, apparently.

There are 25 missions to play through in Undercover mode, where you play as renegade cop Tanner as he takes on a load of car thieves. The first half of the game takes place in Miami and the action then moves to Nice - but you won't get to visit Istanbul as with previous versions.

Atari says you can expect exhilarating car chases, incredible physics and, naturally, "high octane action". There are more than 25 vehicles to choose from, seven weapons and 50km of streets to explore in each city, and at any point you're free to take a break from completing missions and take a relaxing drive around town.

There are also secret missions to unlock, and a healthy selection of mini-games including Slalom, Checkpoint, Trailblazer and Destruction.

Driv3r GBA is slated for an autumn release.

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