FeatureRetrospective: Driv3r

As brilliant as it was literate.

So I ran this guy over. I guess I didn't like the look of him. He gets up twice, but I pop him back down again until he runs out of getting up juice. This causes the police to arrive, two of them. They screech to a halt nearby, get out of the car and then stand still. One stands in front of his police car, which proves a mistake when a van crashes into the back of it, causing the policeman to be run over by his own abandoned vehicle. The other cop reacts by sprinting off down the road, remembering himself, then turning around and running back, colliding with the bonnet of another van and running madly on the spot. The previously squished cop gets up, charges off down the road, and starts shooting his gun at a passing taxi.

Take Driv3r on the road

New GBA version in the works.

Atari has announced that a Game Boy Advance version of Driv3r is currently in development, and has released some screenshots into the bargain.



You've heard of the disaster movie - now read about a disastrous game. But just how disastrous? Well, the clue is in the title...

Version Reviewed

Xbox (also available on PS2)


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FeatureECTS 2003: Driver 3

World first showing at ECTS.

Ever since the first screenshots of Driver 3 leaked out onto the Interweb back in January, the world has been waiting patiently to see if Reflections can top the mighty GTA in the mission-based driving stakes.