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Burnout advert branded "irresponsible" by ASA

EA responds by dumping it.

The Advertising Standards Authority has branded a poster for Electronic Arts title Burnout Dominator as "irresponsible" following complaints from members of the public.

An ASA spokesperson told that 37 complaints were received about the advert, which depicted a crashed car surrounded by broken glass and featured the slogan: "Inner peace through outer violence."

"The complainants described the advert as offensive as it condoned and was likely to encourage violence, dangerous driving and anti-social behaviour such as vandalism," the spokesperson said.

"The Advertising Standards Authority determined that the implication of the advertisment was likely to cause serious or widespread offence."

The ASA also found that the image of the car and reference to violence in the slogan "could be seen to condone a violent lifestyle, anti-social behaviour or dangerous driving" and that the poster was "therefore in breach of advertising codes".

Electronic Arts was given the opportunity to defend the poster, and said it was clear the advert was for a videogame and was not condoning violence. However, EA will abide by the ASA's instruction that the ad is not to appear again "in its current form".

The ASA has also recommended that in future EA seeks advice from the copy advice team of the commitee of advertising practice.

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