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Get your song in Burnout

EA goes all MySpace.

EA's teamed up with Virgin Records and Epiphone to go on a MySpace-wide talent search for the best new bands and artists, offering the winner a chance for their track to appear in Burnout Dominator.

Not only that, if your song is voted into the top ranks by the MySpace community and picked as a winner by a panel of judges, you'll also bag yourself a Virgin Records demo recording contract.

All you have to do to enter is create a MySpace account for yourself, or your band, then upload your track and enter it into the competition. Your tune will then go into a gallery, one for the US and one for Europe, where the online community will listen and rate your entry, resulting in a winner being selected for each region.

The Burnout Bandslam competition began earlier this month, and the closing date for it is 14th March.

Head over to the website if you're feeling lucky, or to vote on other people's creations.

Burnout Dominator is due for release on PS2 and PSP on 23rd March. Head over to the gamepages for the latest media.

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