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New LA Rush PSP details

Exclusive modes and everything.

Midway has released the first details of LA Rush for PSP, a brand new handheld version of last year's PS2 and Xbox racer.

Like those games, this one will feature a story mode that sees you careering round the streets of LA in more than 50 different vehicles - with at least 36 of them based on real life licensed cars.

You can also expect a stunt arena mode, which is all about zooming off ramps and performing all manner of aerial tricks before coming back down to earth, picking up special gold tokens along the way to unlocking extra content.

Other modes will include battle race, which sees you going head to head with another driver, and there are 30 new cruise missions - any of which can be played with a chum via Wi-Fi.

And finally, you can expect a tip top Hip Hop soundtrack featuring the likes of Lil' Kim and Twista. LA Rush PSP is out in the US this September, with a European release likely to follow by Christmas.