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TOCA backs Race Driver again

Branding etc.

TOCA has been reunited with Codemasters' Race Driver brand for TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator, which will launch this spring for PC and Xbox. Both versions will offer extensive online support. However it might not have been - as the TOCA name had seemingly departed after the narrative-driven TOCA Race Driver on PS2/Xbox/PC, despite strong sales.

"Securing the TOCA name guarantees the future for this established and immensely powerful motor sport gaming brand," Codies MD Nick Wheelwright offered. "For gamers, the TOCA series is the number one choice in realistic racing and TOCA Race Driver 2 maintains that key value and drives it forward with an incredible variety of motor sports." Well, perhaps it's not the number one choice for realistic racing, chaps, but it's certainly nice to see the TOCA name on the front again.