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Bad Day LA due in Q4

Publisher signs on.

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Industry new-boy Lexicon Entertainment has sewn up the rights to publish the PC version of American McGee's Bad Day LA in the UK and other PAL territories in Q4 2006.

Due to launch in Q4, Bad Day LA is a third-person action-adventure developed by Enlight and, notably, shameless self-publicist Mr McGee, whose previous credits include American McGee's Alice, American McGee's Scrapland and - back in the days before he lurked on front-covers - level-designing and a bit of programming on the likes of Doom II, Quake and Quake II at id Software.

The game's a spoof of disaster films like The Day After Tomorrow, and sees LA struck by all sorts of ludicrous disasters. McGee lives in LA, and he reckons, says Lexicon, "the game will bring the vibe of the city into this context".

"For example, in the midst of natural disasters, the game's residents remain on their cell phones as they watch citizens on fire run down the street." Maybe they're calling the fire department?

Interested in seeing how it's shaping up? We've got a couple of trailers up on Eurogamer TV - one a general piece and the other focusing on an earthquake.

American McGee's Bad Day LA is also due out on Xbox.

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