Bad Day L.A.

Bad Day LA

Bad game, ya?

Let's start at the beginning. Terrorist maniacs have flown a jet airliner into the gridlocked 105 freeway in Los Angeles, causing death and destruction on a massive scale. But it's not just the plane's impact that causes mayhem, but their toxic cargo which turns everyone into puking zombies in a matter of seconds.

Bad Day LA demo

Trying American.

American McGee's Bad Day LA is now available in demo form, featuring a small section where Santa Monica is struck down by some biological terror. Apparently all that fits into just 260MB of demo, too.

McGee slags off PS3, 360

Just 'upgrades' apparently.

American McGee (remember him?) has had a right old pop at Sony and Microsoft, declaring that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are "just a video card and processor upgrade".

Bad Day LA due in Q4

Publisher signs on.

Industry new-boy Lexicon Entertainment has sewn up the rights to publish the PC version of American McGee's Bad Day LA in the UK and other PAL territories in Q4 2006.