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Atari announces HOT PXL

Micro-game comp. for PSP.

Atari's announced a "micro-games" compilation for PSP which sounds a bit like Warioware spliced with Marc Ecko's Getting Up.

Called HOT PXL (breathe. BREATHE), it consists of 200 games based on things like blasting through an old-days shoot-'em-up, doing tricks on a skateboard or BMX, stage-diving at a concert, or just trying to cross a busy street.

The shots suggest you'll also be putting up posters, being achingly hip and pressing L and R in front of a tree.

The whole thing's due out this Christmas. It's in development at Parisian outfit zSlide.

Although it's ostensibly a mini-game comp., it does have some semblance of a plot - "drawing inspiration from street culture and the digital lifestyle" apparently.

Your character is a half-skater, half-nerd (and-a-fraction-mustard?) called Djon, and you've got to guide him through "a typical day in his pixellated digital world".

Whatever you make of the premise, the game itself sounds quite interesting, and will be on display at E3, so we'll give it a look. Once it's out, Atari's also promised to support it with downloadable content.