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Hot Pixel dev has DS on radar

PSP game might be paving way.

Hot Pixel producer Corentin Raux says the game could end up on Nintendo DS.

"The Nintendo DS is definitely on our radar," Raux told Eurogamer. "But if we do Hot Pixel for it, it will probably be really different to the one on PSP - not just simple adaptation."

He also admitted that while he was happy for his PSP mini-game compilation to be labelled as 'art', he's much more concerned about whether it's any good as a game.

"Hot Pixel is above all a fun game. It's not really about the image, but rather if people will have fun playing it," he explained. "We would like to hear that we managed to make a fun and original game, one that brought novelty and creativity to the PSP market."

The game, originally called HOT PXL, is due for release by Atari later this month. It's being created by zSlide and is made-up of "street"-inspired mini-games. On the surface it looks to be Wario Ware for the cool kids, and has even been tagged with the a-word.

When it launches, it will ship with 200 mini-games, 70 of those provided through an online service promising continued and regular updates. There will also be creation tools released to the community somewhere down the line, so that you lot can create your own games and share them with each other.

You'll be able to link your PSP up with your PC, too, allowing you to swap media files like videos, music and podcasts - although nothing is planned regarding link-up with the PlayStation 3 just yet.

Look out for our thoughts on the game when it's released later this month.

Meanwhile, pop over to our Hot Pixel gamepage to see the stylised game in action.