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Wii accessories at UK retail

Nintendo UK clarifies US component cable confusion.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo UK has sorted out a bit of confusion about whether it will sell its component (i.e. progressive-scan capable) Nintendo Wii cables in the shops.

Earlier this week, IGN reported that American gamers would be forced to buy their US$ 29.99 component cables off the Internet, through Nintendo's store, Best Buy, Circuit City or EB Games.

But, says Nintendo, that shouldn't be the case over here. "At present in the UK we plan to sell Wii accessories through the normal retail channels," we were told this afternoon.

Nintendo Wii supports pretty much every TV ever, despite its quirky new control system, but with its competitors banging the "high definition" drum pretty hard, Nintendo recently reconfirmed that it will support 480p resolution.

And, having seen the system several times since E3, we can confirm that it looks very pretty when they do.

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