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Ronaldinho loves his PS2

And FIFA, and f- never mind.

At last, the real reason Brazil was knocked out of the 2006 World Cup has been revealed - well, providing you believe anything that's printed in The Sun, anyway.

The British tabloid has published an interview with French model Alexandra Paressant - the girlfriend of Brazil's best hope for victory, Ronaldinho. She claims that during the tournament, the international footballing superstar would creep into her hotel room of an evening, despite the coach's orders.

There the pair would "make love all night" - well, not quite all night, since it seems Ron likes to enjoy a bit of post-coital PS2 action.

"He likes to relax afterwards by playing his games. He was playing the FIFA 2006 football game during the World Cup," Paressant told The Sun. And apparently, that's what made him too tired to score any goals.

By an amazing coincidence, Ronaldinho appeared on the box of EA's FIFA '06 last year. But he probably didn't accept any money for it on account of how much he likes EA's FIFA games and all.