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FIFA World Cup coming soon

To PC and all consoles.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts has announced that this April will see the arrival of 2006 FIFA World Cup on PC, consoles and handhelds - and has released some screenshots, too.

The game will feature nearly 100 of the world's favourite footballers, all specially animated to capture their playing styles. There are 127 national teams to choose from, and you'll play matches in the 12 official stadiums where the tournament is being held as well as stadiums from each qualifying region.

Modes will include Global Challenge, which recreates classic moments from World Cups past, plus a multiplayer mode for up to eight players. Expect lots of unlockable content, too, such as legendary players and exclusive sportswear.

"The FIFA World Cup will be the single most watched sporting event by a worldwide television audience, bringing together football fans from around the world,” said producer Joe Nickolls.

"Our game, 2006 FIFA World Cup, celebrates this passion by capturing all of the national rivalries in-game, enabling fans to play their heroes and be a part of 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany."

2006 FIFA World Cup is in development at EA Canada, and will be released on PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Nintendo DS, GBA and mobile phones in April.

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