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Sony's controller claims disputed

By peripheral manufacturer.

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Gaming accessory manufacturer eDimensional has told our sister site,, that it is possible to create a six axis motion-sensing controller which also has a rumble feature - despite Sony's claims to the contrary.

Sony recently announced that the PlayStation 3 DualShock will not vibrate, as this would "interfere with information detected by the sensor".

This was disputed by technology firm Immersion, who in 2004 won a lawsuit that claimed Sony had illegally made use of its "haptic" (rumble) technologies. Sony is currently appealing against the decision.

Now Immersion has granted eDimensional a patent license to use "advanced vibro-tactile, spinning-mass gaming technologies" in its products. eDimensional will make use of Immersion's TouchSense feedback technology together with virtual reality motion-sensing technology in the forthcoming G-Pad Pro Gyroscopic controller for PC and PS2.

"This announcement is of interest because Sony has said that they will remove vibration from their new PS3 controller because it interferes with the six axis sensing capability of the product," an Immersion representative told

"But as is demonstrated by the eDimensional announcement, making these two features work together is not difficult but requires knowledge of haptic technologies."

"Based on that information, it sounds like there is more to the story than Sony is telling us."

Immersion's Mark Belinsky commented: "Adding eDimensional as an Immersion licensee means that we're supporting the combination of touch feedback along with motion sensing."

"Together, these technologies define what most gamers would call 'next-generation,' and we're pleased to be working with eDimensional to make it happen."

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