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Archer Maclean's 3D Pool delayed

All formats Pool Paradise takes priority.

Last October you may recall we took a look at Archer Maclean's 3D Pool, an ambitious handheld clack-'em-up from Britsoft developer Ignition. At the time we were led to believe it could be out before Christmas, and the sheer audacity of the project alone - a fully 3D, polygonal representation of our favourite pub pastime - meant that we were itching to get our hands on final code.

Sadly, final code did not materialise. Fed up with waiting patiently, we cornered an Ignition spokesperson today and clobbered an explanation out of him. "Archer Maclean's Pool on GBA is almost finished," he told us between right hooks, "however we don't have a firm release date. Ignition's resources are currently being channelled into the forthcoming Pool Paradise, which is due for release on PS2, Cube and PC in April with an Xbox version to follow shortly afterwards."

"At the moment we're making sure Pool Paradise is the very best it can be, so have had to divert manpower from elsewhere. Once we've launched Pool Paradise, we'll revisit the other titles in our portfolio, which includes Pool on GBA."

As soon as we hear anything else about 3D Pool we'll - sigh - rack up some info. As for Pool Paradise - we expect to see for ourselves how extra manpower has helped the next-generation clacker within the next few weeks.