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Stubbs gets a PAL

In 06, despite THQ's original PR.

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THQ's set to distribute Wideload Games' Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without A Pulse on Xbox and PC in PAL territories, the publisher announced in conjunction with US outfit Aspyr this afternoon. It turns out we'll be able to pickle Stubbs' brain next February - THQ had originally indicated the game would be out in November.

Stubbs, an original effort from veterans of Halo developer Bungie and built with that game's engine, puts the player in control of the zombie Stubbs, who mauls various humans and eats their brains to keep up his strength - adding former humans to his zombie horde.

As we remarked at E3 this year, Stubbs has a wicked sense of humour - you can detach your arm and send it scurrying off to investigate areas you haven't explored yet, and even use it to take direct control of a hapless human's brain.

Reviews from the US, where it's just been released, mostly, um, 'chews' a positive angle. We'll kill ourselves and let you know what we think next February.

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