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Burnout Revenge 3D screenshots

Spin (round) the car.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As Epic Games proved with its Unreal Engine 3 demonstration this year, being able to pause a demo and spin round the action gives you much more credibility than a stream of video or a static screenshot. Electronic Arts isn't letting you do quite that, but it has released a couple of QuickTime 3D screenshots to help get us in the mood for Burnout Revenge.

You can download them both elsewhere on the website (in fact, would you care for a pair of direct links surreptitiously concealed in an otherwise innocent bracket? Thought so), and in doing so give yourself a chance to marvel at the detail on the cars, the "whoops I spilt some lightning" of the explosions, and of course the lovely particle effects.

Naturally you'll be wanting to know whether the game is any good once you've done that, and for that we'd like to refer you back to our previous coverage, which, following a complex evaluation process that involved the consumption of pizza and beer, ruled that it was, you know, good. Capable. That kind of thing.

We'll have a full, potentially rather more elegant evaluation of Revenge online ahead of its 16th September release on PS2 and Xbox, presuming of course that yours truly stops trying to write copy while munching sandwiches.

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