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Zzap!64 tribute planned

By good old Retro Gamer.

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Top quality old days gaming magazine Retro Gamer has announced plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of actual old days gaming magazine Zzap!64 with a special tribute.

The DEF Tribute to Zzap!64 is being edited by Rob de Voogd, webmaster of, and will feature classic Commodore 64 reviews and developer interviews as well as features looking back at Zzap's history. Contributions from many former members of the Zzap team, such as Roger Kean, Gary Penn, Chris Anderson and Steve Jarratt, will be included.

"Zzap!64 was perhaps the greatest computer magazine of its era, and the DEF Tribute celebrates its 20th anniversary in fine style," says Retro Gamer editor Martyn Carroll.

"It's over 11 years since the last issue of Zzap appeared on shop shelves, so we're absolutely thrilled to be bringing it back after all this time."

The supplement will be given away free with the next issue of Retro Gamer, which is out on July 7, to all subscribers and anyone purchasing their copy at a branch of WH Smith.

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