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PSP production rumours untrue

Says a Sony representative.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has dismissed rumours that the number of PSPs being manufactured has been cut from 18 million to 12 million, telling that such reports are "just speculation."

Japanese website Nikkei BP claimed that PSP manufacturers were originally told they were to produce 18 million units over the course of the current business year.

But Sony's annual financial report, released in April, stated that only 12 million units would be shipped. Nikkei BP suggested that chip shortages could be to blame, while other analysts said consumer demand for the PSP had been lower than expected.

Speaking to this morning, however, a representative said there "never was" a figure higher than 12 million mentioned, dismissing the Nikkei BP report all together.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has also denied the rumour, with a representative telling US website GameSpot: "We announced in the Sony earnings call that the fiscal year 2005 PSP shipment targets were 12 million units worldwide. We are still on target and there has been no reduction in forecast."

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