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New Guild Wars tournament

Scheduled to kick off in March.

With not long to go now until the second Guild Wars campaign is released, NCsoft and ArenaNet have announced that the world tournament season for Guild Wars Factions will kick off next month.

There will be three seasons of competitive play and tournaments, with each tournament seeing guilds battling it out over four weeks. At the end of the final event, the top 16 guilds will earn in-game and real life prizes plus Guild Wars World Championship Points. You'll need those if you're after getting one of the five invitations available to compete live at the GWFC in August 2006 for $100,000 worth of cash and prizes.

The first ever Guild Wars World Championship was held in Taiwan earlier this week, with Korean guild The Last Pride declared the winners. They defeated five other teams from the US, Europe and their native country to walk away with the top prize of $50,000, following a final showdown with fellow Korean guild War Machine.

Look out for a full preview of Guild Wars Factions on Eurogamer soon.