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Stargate SG-1 dev cans game

Company might be in trouble.

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Sydney-based development studio, Perception, has cancelled all work on its near-finished Stargate SG-1 game, with the permanent closure of the studio now a distinct possibility.

According to recent forum posts by administrators on the game's official website, the much-troubled title has been cancelled for all formats (PC, PS2, Xbox) and a resurrection of the game with a new publisher is looking extremely unlikely.

Based on the hit television show of the same name, Perception's latest project has already suffered a number of set-backs, which began when original publisher JoWooD dropped the title last year, citing that the game satisfied "neither our quality requirements nor the fans expectations." The accusations were immediately refuted by Perception, who issued a counter claim, accusing JoWooD of a number of breaches of contract and the withholding of various payments owed.

Whilst Namco had appeared to step in as a new publisher for the game, which has amassed a huge community following and recently underwent Alpha-stage user testing, forum posts suggest that license holders MGM had never approved Namco's intervention and the resulting financial instability was largely to blame for Perception's closure.

A new deal, whilst unlikely, is still possible, and lies in the hands of license holders MGM. An official statement from the studio and MGM is expected shortly.

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