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Stargate dev shouts at JoWooD

In space, everyone can see your handbags.

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Stargate: SG-1: The Alliance is still in development according to developer Perception, despite publisher JoWooD's declaration announcing last week that it planned to cancel it because it was, to cut a long story short, a bit rubbish.

Following JoWooD's announcement that it had cancelled its deal with Perception and that the rights and source code would now revert back to it, Perception has accused JoWooD of making "misleading and libellous comments" (which it plans to pursue through legal proceedings against JoWooD CEO Albert Siedl and chairman of the supervisory board Andreas Rudas), declared that its statement about the rights reverting to the publisher is "incorrect and not based on commercial or legal fact" and accused JoWooD of "many" breaches of contract. In fact, Perception's laundry list of complaints would probably ruin this paragraph if we didn't stop now and rejoin it on a fresh line.

There we are. So, to continue: furthermore, Perception says that it gave notice that all outstanding issues relating to contract breaches had to be resolved by August 8th or the developer would terminate the contract, only for JoWooD to issue a statement claiming that it was breaking off the relationship admit quality concerns. "It's disappointing to hear of this so-called termination via the press on the basis of a 'get in first' tactic," fumed Ben Lenzo, CEO of Perception. "We are not surprised by their behaviour or lack of appreciation for the goodwill Perception has afforded JoWooD on many occasions," he said. "And they're not coming to my birthday party either," he might have added.

"Perception will not allow its name to be tarnished in such a manner and view such matters extremely seriously and will always protect the reputation of our staff, our products, licensing partners and the company," the developer said today, before adding that it planned to avoid public discussion of the issues while legal action was underway, defiantly concluding: "We look forward to the release of Stargate SG-1: The Alliance."

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