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Micro Machines V4 demo

Three tracks, four players.

Codemasters has released a demo of the PC Micro Machines V4, which is due out on PS2, PSP and PC on June 30th - with a DS version to follow.

The demo weighs in at 227MB and you can grab it from Eurofiles now.

According to Codies, the demo lets up to four players take on three of the game's tracks - one set in the kitchen, another on the rooftops and a third inside a chicken coop.

"Kitchen Capers" has you zooming over hobs, counters and an ironing board in classic Micro Machines fashion, with a familiar soapy lake to avoid using a floating sponge.

"Pecking Peril" involves dodging enormous chickens and eggs to see who comes first, while "Rooftop Rumble" features drainpipes, air vents and the like.

You can also expect to take advantage of some of the game's many weapons, including machine guns, missiles, electric shockers and others.

It's also possible to practice single-player against the AI using the demo's Quick Battle mode.

Check back next week for our full review of the game prior to its release next Friday.