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EyeToy: Play 3 announced

Families and drunkards rejoice.

Sony has gone all out for the news that EyeToy: Play 3 is coming to PS2 this winter, with an announcement that not only includes the words “whacky”, “zany” and “hilarious” but also “crazy” - no less than five times.

Play 3 features a healthy selection of games to choose from, along with a souped-up multiplayer mode that lets up to four people play at once and face-mapping so you can see yourselves in the game.

Games announced so far include Beach Volleyball, Bowling and Be the Band, which gives you the chance to try your hand at the guitar, drums, trombone and keyboard.

Then there's DJ, which lets you loose on a set of decks, Hair Salon - find out what it's like to "be" Vidal Sassoon - and Boot Camp, which sounds sort of like the first bit of Full Metal Jacket only with less brains smeared all over the walls.

Other games listed include Music Conductor, TouchDown, EyeToy Athletics and Crime Wave. No further details have been released on these yet, but we'll eat our AK47s if that last one isn't a free-roaming third-person gangbanger set in a gritty urban environment.

Play 3 will also feature more than 50 multiplayer micro games with activities that include ringing bells, swimming with sharks and blowing up balloons. And the playrooms are back, featuring a whole new selection of goodies to mess about with. The game is due out in November. Crazy.

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