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Destroy All Humans trailers

A rather amusing spoof documentary and a straightforward trailer, both featuring lots of game footage.

THQ has released a pair of rather enjoyable videos showcasing Destroy All Humans, the aliens-run-amok-in-50s-America weird-everything-'em-up in development for PS2 and Xbox at Brisbane, Australia-based Pandemic Studios. Both vids are on Eurofiles now.

The first video is a five-minute documentary about the game, kicking off with a cheesy spoof of a US military briefing discussing an impending alien invasion and THQ and Pandemic's conspiracy with the aliens, interspersing a portly General's address with game footage.

It then takes a closer look at Pandemic, with black and white surveillance footage and then amusing interrogation clips which see the actual developers delivering facts about the game in amusing fashion - complete with Matrix-esque suited agents prowling around behind them as they talk into a small microphone. Well worth a watch.

The other video is a more straightforward trailer, just over a minute long, featuring lots of footage of UFOs blowing things up, women doing chicken dances, cows being thrown around, etc. The trailer and documentary share some of the same footage, but it's worth watching both - and they're not that big after all.

The documentary, the larger of the two, weighs in at 26MB and can be had here, while the 8MB trailer is here. According to THQ's press site, the game itself is due out on 17th June.

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