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Asheron's Call expansions announced

Legions and Throne of Destiny add-ons to arrive in Europe this May.

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Codemasters has secured the rights to publish two Asheron's Call expansion packs in Europe.

First up there's Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny, the second major add-on for the original MMO. The storyline centres around a new race, the Viamontians, who are intent on conquering Dereth and crushing the tiny skulls of anyone who stands in their way.

New weapons, armour and quests are promised, along with rare items and a new high-level play system that rewards players with skill credits. Oh, and you can play as the Viamontians, and explore their newly discovered domain north of Dereth.

Next we have Asheron's Call 2: Legions, the sequel to AC2: Fallen Kings. A massive new continent, Knorr, has been discovered in the world of Dereth - along with a great and terrible evil that threatens to consume the entire world and everything in it, unfortunately.

There's another new race to play as - the Empyreans, an ancient people who are hoping to rediscover their lost purpose and immense mystical powers. (Don't ask them where they last remember seeing them; they get very cross.)

Legions features a new 'Hero System', which rewards glory in battle with new abilities, skills and combat tactics. You can also purchase abilities with 'hero skill credits' and bond with other heroes to combine your powers and kick the living daylights out of enemies with even more thoroughness.

Both titles are being developed by Turbine, currently hard at work on MMORPGs Middle-Earth Online and Dungeons & Dragons. They're out in May, priced at £19.99 each with a month's free subscription.

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