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Runestone plants Seed info

MMO due in April, sign-ups in Jan.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Danish dev Runestone has announced that its MMO project Seed will launch in April, with beat sign-ups kicking off next month through the game's website.

Seed's set on an alien world dubbed Da Vinci in the far future, where human settlers cut off from their ship and Earth contact have to work together to try and ensure the survival of their colony.

Curiously, Runestone CEO Lars Kroll says that NPCs will play a big role in the evolution of the game. "We have really taken the simulated society idea a big step further, where players can ascend to great political heights within the Seed world, but only if NPCs and players alike allow it through a robust democratic system.

"We have focused on making the NPCs varied and interesting to work with. All NPCs in Seed have their own behaviours, motivations and goals, powered by a sophisticated AI engine with distinct emotion, knowledge, and event response systems. They remember, and they judge."

The game itself will apparently creates stories according to the playing style and role of each player. You can read more about it all - and presumably have a bash on it when the beta opens - by visiting

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