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Still no US PSP 2.00 update

Unknown lameness to blame.

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Joystiq makes the not unreasonable point that Sony didn't release the PlayStation Portable's 2.00 upgrade for American PSPs during the week of August 15th, despite saying it would "be available during the week of August 15th" about a week ago.

A quick glance at the US PSP's Software Update page reveals the 1.52 upgrade is still the latest thing available over there. The 1.52 upgrade's main benefit over the pre-installed PSP software is that it stops you using emulators and other fun stuff on the system. Sorry, we mean "prevents piracy".

The 2.00 upgrade, for those who aren't in the loop (or the unfinished line, or whatever), is a hardware patch for the PSP that adds a (clunky but fairly functional) web browser, some improved audio/video support and the ability to beam photos to your mates. Oh, and to use them as wallpaper on the main PSP menu screen - assuming you don't like the rotating coloured backgrounds.

Anyway, we'll let you know when the 2.00 upgrade pitches up in the US. In the meantime, our previous story has details of how to take advantage of the Japanese 2.00 upgrade, which works fine, but isn't officially supported by Sony America's support staff.

The European PSP, which is due out on September 1st, comes with 2.00 pre-installed.

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