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US PSP 2.00 update delayed

Handheld's helping hand held off.

American PSP owners looking forward to browsing the web on their handhelds this weekend were stung on Friday by Sony's revelation that the 2.00 firmware upgrade has been set back until sometime this week.

Although no firm date has been offered, the upgrade - which adds an internet browser, enhances audio/video playback, tweaks the interface and adds some photo sharing and wallpaper options, among other things - "will be available during the week of August 15th" according to the platform holder.

As far as we know, the US update is exactly the same as the Japanese one, except Sony will actually support customers who upgrade to it. Using the Japanese one (as we have - with absolutely no problems) voids your warranty. Which probably doesn't bother you if you live outside the US anyway, but we're just saying like.

You can sit patiently and wait for the 2.00 upgrade on Sony's PSP software update page, which is where we expect it to appear first. Details of where to get the Japanese one can be found elsewhere on this site (What? We're just saying! We're totally just saying! Leave it!).