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Dirty Harry developer named

Collective sigh.

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Indie games outfit Foundation 9 is laying the groundwork for development on next-generation platforms [are we sure this is concrete? - Ed]. The North American company has revealed that it is working on the Dirty Harry game for Warner Bros., while one of its studios has an unannounced next-gen project in the works and two of its other offices "are delving into next-gen development as well".

If the name Foundation 9 isn't all that familiar, we can't blame you; they're a bit new. But if you cast your minds back to a merger announcement in late March, you may remember that F9 includes studios The Collective (Buffy, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) and Backbone Entertainment (Death Jr. PSP) - and it's The Collective that feels lucky about Dirty Harry and Backbone's Emeryville studio working on the unannounced bit. The latter's jobs page suggests its hiring for various roles on the project.

Warner Bros. has previously said that Dirty Harry - based on the '71 film of the same name, which follows the exploits of "Dirty" Harry Callahan - has the full blessing and likeness rights for Clint Eastwood. It even suggested he'd take a hand in production via his Malpaso Productions company. "Creating Dirty Harry video games will also introduce this memorable film character to new generations on a medium they appreciate," he said in February. "Punk," he might've added.

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