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EGTV: Need For Speed Carbon

First trailer since E3.

Eurogamer TV is now showing the first teaser trailer for Carbon, the latest addition to EA's phenomenally successful Need For Speed racing series.

Coming in at just under a minute in length, the video is big on moody music and lighting, but somewhat more restrained on providing concrete gameplay details.

What little we do know so far is the latest NFS title gets its name from Carbon Canyon in California, said to be something of a hotspot for petrolheads. As neither a straight sequel to the Underground series nor Most Wanted, expect an experience that borrows from both while throwing in a few new twists of its own, with three huge maps to explore and up to 100 cars to race.

Eurogamer will be in attendance at EA's annual Hot Summer Nights media event next month, where we're expecting our first hands-on experience with Carbon. The game is currently pencilled in for an autumn release on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, Xbox and PSP.

Head over to EGTV to catch the teaser in the meantime.