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Daily Show gets into games

Takes on 'player haters'.

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Ace satirical news programme The Daily Show has a new target, it seems - the US politicians who are out to take on videogames with violent content.

Last night's episode included a segment titled 'Player Haters', during which host Jon Stewart criticised Nebraska representative Lee Terry for expressing concern about the games his three young sons play.

Mimicking Terry, Stewart said: "And as I stand there, watching them play these violent games, helpless to do anything about it... I can't help but wonder where the system has failed."

Stewart also targeted representative Joe Pitts, who opened a recent Congressional hearing on videogames by suggesting that well-off suburban teenagers "can play Grand Theft Auto or similar games without turning to a life of crime - but a poor kid, who lives in a neighbourhood where people really do steal cars or deal drugs, might not be so fortunate."

That's right, said Stewart: "Wealthy kids don't do those things. Like my good friends those Columbine boys... Seriously, the House of Representatives is filled with insane jackasses."

Daily Show reporter Samantha Bee also put in an appearance as the programme's "Senior PlayStationologist." Reporting direct from San Andreas, Bee observed: "Nobody believes there is really a connection [between real violence and violence in games]. This issue has been resolved in studies.

"Politicians are just beating a dead hooker here."

UK viewers - well, those with a digibox at least - can watch the show in full tonight, when it's broadcast on More 4 at 8.30pm.

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