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Blade Dancer PSP for Europe

Another RPG for handheld fans.

Ignition Entertainment has announced plans to publish Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light on PSP this autumn. You may recall we wrote about it when developer Sony (working with Hit Maker) first announced it last year.

Blade Dancer is an action role-playing game, where battles take place in real time and you can see (and presumably avoid) enemies on the map, and also includes a four-player wireless option so you can play along with friends and link up your abilities.

But the story's the star, really. Set in the world of Lunadia, it's all about revisiting the age-old battle of Gerald versus Evil.

Back in the day, the Evil Demon Lord was defeated by the Guardian of Light, Blade Dancer Gerald, who reportedly sealed him on the Island of Foo, which happens to be where you - player-character Lance - pitch up at the start of the game.

It's all about re-exploring the history of Lunadia and whatnot, and takes place in a world that plays out in proper real-time, complete with a day-and-night cycle. There's also an "item synthesis" system - referred to as a crafting system in the Japanese release - which lets you create hundreds of items by combining things you've discovered.

Blade Dancer is already out in Japan, and will be with us sometime this autumn.