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DS Lite to hit Europe in June

Priced at just under £100.

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Nintendo has announced that the DS Lite will hit Europe on June 23, priced at £99.99 - and that you'll have two colours to choose from.

The DS Lite is a redesigned version of Nintendo's original dual screen handheld, which has proved hugely popular around the globe - more than 16 million units have been sold so far.

The Lite is smaller and lighter than the original, weighing around 60g less and measuring about two thirds of the size, and features four screen brightness settings. It'll be available in Europe in either white or black.

To coincide with the launch of the Lite, Nintendo has lined up a healthy selection of new software titles for release this summer. Brain Training is out on June 9th, followed by Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends Edition a week later. June 30th will see the arrival of New Super Mario Bros., and on July 7th it's time for crazy music maker Electroplankton plus mind bender Big Brain Academy.

You can read our thoughts on the DS Lite and find some sexy photos elsewhere on the site.

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