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Atari promises Test Drive DLC

And a nice low price on 360.

Atari's planning to release downloadable car packs for Test Drive Unlimited on Xbox 360, starting six weeks after launch.

There won't just be cars in them either - there'll be new genre-specific radio stations, dealing in "Rock, Blues, Electronic, R&B, Jazz, Latin etc." with between 10 and 20 songs each.

Atari had originally planned to allow players to tune the game to actual radio stations, but this had to be dropped from the 360 version - though it may reappear on the PC.

Test Drive Unlimited is currently due out on September 8th, so we can expect downloadable content to start turning up getting on towards the end of October.

Atari also announced plans to release TDU for just $39.95 in the US - the same price as Rockstar Games' budget-style Table Tennis.

Whether that means we can expect the game to cost less here is another matter though, apparently - an Atari rep, having pointed out that the US and Europe are "different markets", told us to expect an announcement soon.

Still, with Atari boss Bruno Bonnell claiming, "Innovation should be available to everyone, not a privilege for those can afford high price tags," we'll be expecting a low-low price.

As well as the 360 Test Drive Unlimited, which is due out first, the game is also set to appear on PC, PS2 and PSP in October.

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Test Drive Unlimited

Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, PC

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