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WOW summer festival kicks off

Time to get all fired up.

Calling all World of Warcraft fans: today sees the start of the Midsummer Fire Festival, an event that celebrates ancient magic and old tradition and really big bonfires.

Festival camps have been set up across Azeroth, where the bonfires are watched over by the flamekeepers. Rumour has it that the myriad powers of the flames include cleansing and blessing, and presumably heating.

Revellers will gather together to pass on tales of old magic and the elemental spirits, and to dance around ribbon poles like big pointy-eared Morris Men.

Visitors to Azeroth's capital cities can seek out Fire Festival quest givers and take on perilous tasks in exchange for "exciting seasonal rewards." The Festival traditionally ends with a great big fireworks extravaganza, courtesy of those loveable old goblins of Undermine.

The Midsummer Fire Festival will run until 5th July.