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360 controller for Windows

Out in, er, December. Hmm.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft's grand plan to get Xbox and PC gamers fragging from the same shotgun took a big step this week with the announcement of the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows - effectively just a wired Xbox 360 controller. Because they work with Windows. Ahaaaaa.

It's due out on European store shelves in early December priced about €24.99 - much like the 360 itself, which launches here on December 2nd - while zealous American retailers are apparently already stocking them. The pad simply plugs in to the PC's or 360's USB port - the only difference is that on the PC it requires a driver from Windows Update.

"This controller is a great example of one of the many areas where the Xbox 360 and Windows platforms complement each other," said J Allard. "The Xbox 360 Controller for Windows is an important step in making it easier for consumers to enjoy gaming on both platforms."

Microsoft recently announced that it wanted to save PC gaming and give it more prominence in the shops again. Although what it actually said was that it wanted to save Windows gaming. "Death to the pretenders!" somebody probably shouted from a black tower overhanging a misty lake which has huge prehistoric monsters roaming around it and trees that look like they're falling in peppered around the sides.

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