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e-Reader back on the cards

Make your bloody minds up!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Following the recent announcement that Nintendo had "no current plans to release e-Reader in Europe," the company seems to have had a bit of a rethink following the enormous public outcry caused by the statement.

According to a report on C&VG today, Nintendo has re-scheduled the release of the device in the continent: "The launch of the E-Card Reader in Europe has been moved into the first half of 2004, as Nintendo's focus for the remainder of 2003 is the strong software release schedule for both the Nintendo GameCube and the Game Boy Advance," was the offering in an attempt to appease long-suffering European fans.

This also follows today's revelation that NoE may finally be considering the release of cult import hit Animal Crossing in this territory. Could it be that Nintendo is finally starting to take the needs of European gamers seriously, albeit a little late?

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