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Supreme Commander detailed

By Total Annihilation creator.

Chris Taylor, creator of award-winning PC strategy game Total Annihilation, has unveiled what's described as the game's 'spiritual successor' in the latest issue of PC Gamer US magazine.

The game has already been in development for 12 months, and goes under the name of Supreme Commander - presumably since Atari owns the Total Annihilation brand.

According to PC Gamer, Supreme Commander lets you manage multiple battles simultaneously - getting right into the thick of one fight, for example, while directing troops of robots fighting in other skirmishes.

You can pull out for an overview of all your campaigns and zoom in again if you spot an area where extra help is needed, and the game's said to offer more control than any RTS that's come before it.

Supreme Commander is being developed by Gas Powered Games, the studio established by Chris Taylor back in 1998, and will be published by THQ next year. More news as we get it.