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Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day.) Fell down the back of E3: Big Mutha Truckers sequel, Capcom and Atari developing for N-Gage, with games from EA and others also on the way, Titus announces Lamborghini FX for consoles and PC.

Having flogged almost a million copies worldwide (with rather more sold in the US than anywhere else), it's no surprise that Empire has announced a sequel to Eutechnyx' Big Mutha Truckers. Big Mutha Truckers 2: Truck Me Harder! (Dear God) will work along much the same lines as its predecessor, except Eutechnyx has thrown in day/night cycles, visual rig damage and the chance to drive other vehicles. It's due out on PS2 and Xbox in 2005.

Just prior to E3 (while we were on the plane in fact), Nokia announced a couple of development deals that look set to bring some big franchise names to the N-Gage. First of all there's news that Capcom is developing for N-Gage, with announcements for "a variety of titles" expected in the coming weeks. Mega Man seems like a safe bet, no? Atari is doing much the same, and plans to release versions of Civilization and DRIV3R in 2005 amongst other titles. Nokia is understandably excited in both cases.

Nokia also announced a raft of other new N-Gage titles at E3, including FIFA 2005 and SSX Out of Bounds from EA, Rifts (a version of Kevin Siembieda's RPG featuring co-op multiplayer via Bluetooth and head-to-head over N-Gage Arena), King of Fighters (in development at Hudson Soft), Xanadu Next (Falcom 3D RPG), and Glimmerati (a first party "glam driving experience"). Expect to hear more about our N-Gage adventures at E3 in the coming weeks.

Italian Racing Evoluzione developer Milestone is working on a new Lamborghini game for Titus, the latter announced just prior to E3. The new title, Lamborghini FX, is billed as an arcade-style racer full of jumps, tricks, spins, power-slides and two-wheeling. Oh, and weapons. That old chestnut, eh? You can also pick up Nitro Tokens to boost around, and grab FX Tokens for cash so you can buy vehicles, tracks and other items, earning extra weapons by pulling off five FX Stunts per track. Lamborghini FX should be out on PC and consoles this summer.

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