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Ubisoft to publish Advance Guardian Heroes

Treasure's beat-'em-up sequel due out in Europe in February.

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Ubisoft is to publish Treasure's Game Boy Advance title Advance Guardian Heroes in Europe next February, the publisher announced this week.

AGH is the sequel to a medieval-themed beat-'em-up for the SEGA Saturn, and promises hand-drawn RPG-style characters, brutal combat and a branching story, with upgrade-able characteristics and abilities and more than 160 moves to master.

Players will be able to control one of three brand new warriors - Enn, with the power of fire; Ray, with the power of thunder; and Hyu, with the power of ice, who specialises in defence and magic.

News of the game's publication in Europe is bound to be well received by fans of the first game - some of whom we know will be reading this, and probably noting that it sounds like we're trying to bluff our way through despite having very little knowledge of the original (we are) - but middling scores from a number of publications in the US, where the game is available, will be less encouraging.

We'll let you know what we think closer to release.

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