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New 3D PGR3 screenshot

Now available for download.

A shiny new 3D screenshot for forthcoming Xbox 360 title Project Gotham Racing 3 is now available for download.

It features a TVR Sagaris parked on the Tochomae loop, and one of the shiniest bonnets you ever did see. You'll need to open it in Internet Explorer to make it work.

All well and good, but the question still remains as to when we'll actually get to see the finished product. Xbox bigwig J Allard recently confirmed that Microsoft is hoping PGR3 will go on sale the same day as the Xbox 360 - but added that "If something's not ready, we'll hold it back." Ulp.

While you're waiting for news of that release date, why not check out last month's Project Gotham Racing 3 preview, if you haven't already.