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EA to co-pub Pac-Man World 3

Still going strong! Well, still going.

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EA's set to co-publish Pac-Man World 3 in PAL territories on PS2, Xbox, Cube, PSP and PC in early 2006, the megapub announced in concert with Namco this morning.

Pac-Man World 3's another in the traditionally mediocre platform series that's seen the little pizza-faced yellow fella jumping, scoffing fruits and pills (or pellets, as Namco politely reminds us), and saving the world in the process. And this time? Well, there's a new Pactrometer and power-up smoothies, and Pac-Man can punch enemies, swing around poles and jump up walls. You can also play as Pinky and Clyde, which probably makes all the difference.

It's all part of his quest to undo the machinations of the evil Erwin, as you probably wanted to know, who's seemingly transported Pac-Man into the Spectral Realm. This time he may even have to turn his old foes into allies in order to survive! Gosh.

We'll leave you with the words of Toru Iwatani, Pac-Man's creator, ruminating on the Pac's success over the past 25 years. "Like all of us, Pac-Man has evolved over the years, changing with the times," he says. "People love Pac-Man because he's simple, cute, and most important, FUN."

We'll let you know what the people make of Pac-Man World 3 sometime next year.

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