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Fight Club game confirmed

I am Jack's confusion and concern.

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Vivendi-Universal Games has confirmed its plans to release a game based on David Fincher's Fight Club movie towards the end of next year, following reports t'other week that originated in the American Official PS2 Mag. In addition to the PS2 version, which is obviously in development, the game is also due out on Xbox.

"The second rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. However, gamers will surely be talking..." the press release starts. Well, you know, they say you should start with a joke! The release also confirms previous reports that Genuine Games are the team with the difficult task of borrowing characters, settings, artwork and story elements and creating a game that will still appeal so long after the film reached its zenith and the eminently quotable script fought its way into everyday conversations.

As previously reported, it's a "no-holds-barred" beat-'em-up that aims to portray the brutality of street fighting, the obscure holds and attacks and a wide range of combatants. It's certainly a tall order for Genuine Games, and we'll be interested to see how they get on.

Update - the team developing the Fight Club game for Vivendi is not the Scottish-based Genuine Games as previously stated here but a Californian outfit with the same name. Thanks Brian for pointing that one out!

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