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Mage Knight's DS destiny

RTS based on miniatures.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Namco's announced plans to bring WizKids' collectible miniature series Mage Knight: Destiny's Soldier to Nintendo DS as a real-time strategy game in spring 2006. Perfect really, since it'll be another MK: DS.

The game, like WizKids' original, is set in a world ravaged by war (yep), where a nasty bunch called the Solonavi are corrupting the land. You, the retired-soldier-forced-back-to-arms type, must unite warring factions in a colossal army to undo their naughtiness.

The DS game will allow you to gather, build and customise that army using touch-screen controls, with gameplay true to the tabletop versions, says Namco. Players can pick up, deploy and command units - and roll dice - using touch-screen control.

There should be more information on Namco's website although, er, there isn't. Keep an eye on it for updates, basically. Screenshots, however, we have elsewhere on the site.

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