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Gran Turismo 4 delayed again

Japanese release set back to just after Christmas.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has postponed the Japanese release of Gran Turismo 4 until December 28th according to reports from Japan this afternoon. Polyphony Digital's racing opus had been due out in the Far East on December 3rd, but it seems that the developer wants some extra time to fine-tune the title.

The game's European release date - believed to be sometime in the first quarter of 2005, possibly February 25th if online retailers in the UK are to be believed - is thought to be unaffected by the Japanese delay.

Gran Turismo 4 has endured a number of setbacks over the past six months, dogged by rumours that it wouldn't make it out in 2004 and stripped of its vaunted online functionality in order to try and achieve that goal.

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