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New Xbox 360 faceplates

Place your preorders now.

If you've already preordered your Xbox 360 and are looking forward to getting your hands on your shiny new console come December, you might want to visit Japanese online store eDigi.

That's because it's already taking pre-orders for a range of Xbox 360 accessories - including a rather spanky range of interchangeable faceplates.

There are five designs to choose from - plain old grey, orange swirly things, pink blobs, blue spatter and Atari 2600. Oh all right, to give them their official names: Silver, Sun, Pink Balloon, Water Puzzle and Wood.

Look closely and you'll notice that the Wood one bears the message "The Door to Eternal Imagination" written in tiny letters at the bottom - now we don't remember anything like that appearing on the 2600.

Each faceplate is priced at 2100 yen - that's just under £10.50 - and they're launching in Japan on the same day as Xbox 360, December 10. Microsoft was unavailable to comment on whether we'll get the same choice of faceplates over here, but we'll keep you posted.