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Phantasy Star Universe details

It's all a bit Changing Rooms.

New details have emerged of forthcoming PC, PS2 and Xbox 360 title Phantasy Star Universe - including news that you'll be able to create and customise your very own virtual living space.

That's according to an article in Famitsu, partially translated by GameSpot, which says you'll use special "remodelling tickets" to choose yourself a room from a range of designs.

You'll be able to spruce up your space by purchasing special items, and give other players presents, too. When you're online, up to five players can come and join you in your room - and even when you're offline, it'll still be open for others to come and visit. And if you need to drum up a bit of cash, you can even hold a jumble sale in your room to get rid of any unwanted junk.

PSU will feature a planetary system and you'll have a range of different locations to visit, depending on your shopping needs. If you want to buy new items for your room, you'll need to visit Guardian Colony, which also acts as a hub for story mode missions. Hunters and rangers are best off doing their shopping in Parum, while Neudaiz is good for Force characters who want to soup up their Technique abilities with weapons and equipment. And finally, Moatoob's best for buying vehicles.

Phantasy Star Universe is due out in Japan this August, with a European release to follow some time this winter.